For Amusement Only

Man studying video projection Welcome to the end of pier show. 3 goes for 1... kiss me quick, squeeze me slow... what did the butler see?... roll-up, roll-up come and 'av a go... 'gottle of geer' and a stick of rock and don't forget persistence pays off!

A multitude of sensations to stimulate the senses.

This latest installation and interactive digital artwork is the first stage of an ongoing project funded by NTI (De Montfort University, Leicester and Derby University). For Amusement Only is a continuation of interactive work developed by Low Brow Trash that utilises motion tracking technology and explores the possibilities of site specific/public interaction with creative work.


Man studying video projection Do you avoid the dark alleyways on your way home at night? Do you avoid areas of your town or city for fear of trouble? Do you keep a weapon - just in case?

TAG is an interactive experience for one participant at a time; at times you may feel in control other times controlled. Your every move will create a reaction in the system and you will meet a variety of characters in a variety of uninviting locations. Are you the victim or the criminal? TAG will decide.

TAG utilises motion-tracking technology to gain viewer interaction with the work, giving each viewer a near unique experience in what they see and hear. TAG is designed for one viewer at a time but subsequent visits can reveal new elements of the work, encouraging the viewer to interact with the artwork more than once.

TAG sits in the gap between real life experience, film and a computer game.

TAG is designed for a gallery or small-scale performance space. More Tag Images....

Model Citizen

Man viewing brightly coloured solarised video projection Who or what is the Model Citizen?

Model Citizen is a site-specific work that is ideally suited to a shopping centre or street. The work consists of a large projected image placed in a shop front/window and the images react to the movements of passers by, by using motion-tracking technology.

The work examines the concept of Model Citizen: are we born to be Model Citizens or are we manipulated into being so? And for some of us where and why does this go wrong? The work uses various reference points in life and transforms these into image statements that are then layered on top of each other to give contrasting views and opinions on the subject. Model Citizen works with layered imagery; a camera registers the movement of the passer by, they are transformed into a projected silhouette, this silhouette in turn becomes a 'window' to the second layer of imagery, creating a multi-layered visual language.

A public artwork that has the 'public' as the focal point.

Model Citizen is designed to be site specific in a public environment, a gallery version is available. More Model Citizen Images....

The Unusual Suspects

Woman standing in front of flood light'Hand me the keys you fucking cocksucker'

This is a line taken directly from the film "the Usual Suspects" and is the focus of the work The Unusual Suspects. The audience member is invited to take part in a 'line up' and to repeat the line above to camera. The audio and video is fed directly to a database of all participants that can be viewed almost instantly on a computer within the venue. This creates an organic growth to the work, as more and more participants are recorded the work grows, giving the opportunity for repeat viewings of the work as it develops. The audience or participant involvement and interaction to the work is key, they are effectively creating the work by their own participation, putting the viewer in a position of co-creator, with their own interpretation of the line and creative expression to its delivery in their hands. The database as it grows enables the viewer to explore their own and others interpretation and interaction, the work becomes a seemingly endless police line up of suspects, all repeating the same line giving the line itself a duel focus and banality.

The Unusual Suspects is a gallery based work, but would be appropriate for a suitable site-specific venue. Video Footage from the installation and Unusual Suspects Images....

One/Eight Hundred

Steel barred cageYou enter your home late at night to find a stranger in your kitchen. You see a knife on the surface next to you - do you pick it up?

By employing a variety of medium, installation, time based performance and interactive screen based media, One/Eight Hundred aims to explore individual and collective views on crime, law and justice. The work presents thoughts on the relationship between choice, decision and consequence, challenging perception and stereotyping, moral standards and codes of the collective and the individual, and crime and its effects on the victim and perpetrator.The work is designed to be interactive and invites the viewer to explore and investigate the work, particularly through the screen-based media (interactive CD-Rom). Suitable for gallery or site specific presentation. More One/Eight Hundred Images....


The work represented here is a selection of the work that Low Brow Trash have created over the last 3 years. There have been a number of smaller/time based/one off works that are not represented.

The works here have been presented in a number of venues and festivals from 2002 - 2004.

TAG - 'In Between Time' Festival, Arnolfini (Bristol), Green Room (Manchester)2002 -2003, and TAG v2 presented by Bonington Gallery at Victoria Studios (Nottingham) 2004.

Model Citizen - commissioned by NOW Festival (Nottingham) 2004, presented in the frontage to the Tourist Information Centre, Nottingham's Old Market Square.

The Unusual Suspects - Bonington Gallery (Nottingham) 2002.

One / Eight Hundred - Arnolfini (Bristol), Green Room (Manchester), NOW Festival(Nottingham), Podewill (Berlin) 2002.

Now Festival
Bonington Gallery